Ways to cheat on spouse with voicemail

Learn more about how to know if your spouse is using technology to cheat on you. If your spouse uses visual voicemail, they may just be backed up online.
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Sign up for Google Voice. Link your current phone number to it don't worry, we will ensure you never get a call or text to your actual number. Once it's linked, you can uncheck the forward calls to phone option when you click on your new made up number to ensure you will never get contacted unless you want to. Ensure you setup a recorded message for voicemail.

If your partners call, they need to hear a voicemail message that doesn't sound odd. If you are expecting a call, you can always switch forwarding back on. On the iPhone, it's easy to hide an app from your partner. Just start dragging apps to create clusters. Make many that make sense so it seems like you are trying to keep your iPhone organized, then create one for Google Voice. Make sure to put it at the bottom of the cluster so if you don't click on it, it doesn't show up.

Next, go on dating sites and meet guys or girls. When they ask for your number, provide the Google Voice number. You can text from the app under that number. You can call and be called under that number. Also, make sure to work on establishing a second Facebook. The key is to find a lot of people to add to ensure it looks real.

There isn't a safe way to make it ultra realistic because any friends you have currently could lead to your partner finding the secondary Facebook. Make sure you keep your details out of the profile.

Vaulty Stocks lets you disguise your foul-play with financials.

Questions about finances depend on the specific expenditure, but might include: "Do you think these charges are correct? Check their phone, when appropriate. You might be able to find text or voicemail messages which indicate they are having an affair. Be careful when deciding to check their phone. If they aren't cheating, you may inadvertently be damaging your relationship by intruding on their privacy.

Even in the absence of explicit statements revealing an affair, you can use context clues to figure out if one is going on. If you notice a high volume of texts or calls between your spouse and someone else, it could be because they are having an affair. Other indirect evidence of an affair could be references to outings or recreational activities they shared together, but which your spouse didn't share with you.

Check the computer. If you're sure that they're cheating, then you may check the computer. However, keep in mind that this is a violation of their privacy, and it may be hard to regain their trust if they aren't cheating. Your spouse may be communicating with their lover through social media, email, or internet chat service.

Check his or her profiles for messages which indicate an affair is going on. You should also check browser history. Hire a private eye. Get a referral for a detective specializing in proving suspected extramarital affairs. If you are unable or unwilling to invest the resources into getting a detective, do some digging on your own. Method 3.

How to catch a cheater through text messages

Be patient. Your spouse may not be ready to confess that they are having an affair. Recognize that you cannot force them to confess. Use a soft approach. Adopt a non-accusatory tone of voice and do not yell. Sit when asking them questions and do not stand over them. Do not become aggressive or engage in physical violence.

Adopt non-threatening body language by keeping your hands in your lap or at your sides. Do not cross your arms or put your hands on your hips when asking probing questions. Ask probing questions.

How to Monitor Text Messages On Someone Else's Phone

There are many questions you can ask your spouse to discover if they might be engaged in an affair. Instead of asking or accusing them outright, ask questions about their whereabouts or habits to make them accidentally reveal they have lied. One technique involves utilizing the Volatile Conundrum.


This means putting the potential cheater in a position where they have to make a snap decision about their behavior or whereabouts. For instance, if your partner says he or she was at the batting cage with friends before coming home, you might reply that your friend was at the batting cage as well and reported that it closed early due to a broken water main.

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Even though this is untrue, your spouse will have to agree or disagree with this version of events, giving you the opportunity to later fact-check his or her rely. Become a lie detector. If your spouse offers long, overly-complex answers with abundant detail, or fidgets and squirms during the conversation, they may be lying to you. Liars also tend to present stories which are inconsistent or illogical.